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Downing Plaza Newcastle Phase 1 – Client Downing Construction

Core Value To MPB £700k

Downing Plaza Newcastle Phase 3 – Client Downing Construction Core Value to MPB  £400k Day Shift Slip

Downing Plaza Newcastle Phase 4 – Client Downing Construction  Core Value to MPB  £700k 23 Floors Day Shift Slip

Media City, Manchester - Lend Lease Value to MPB £16.15 Million 4 Major Cores and Concrete to Floors Day Shift Slip

Downing Leeds Met University Phase 2 20 Storey – Value to MPB £700K Day Shift slip

Westfield Derby – Westfield Shopping Towns 2 Cores Value to MPB  £400k 24 hour slip

Westfield Bradford – Westfield Shopping Towns 2 Cores Value to MPB £400K

Westfield Stratford – Westfield Shopping Towns 2 Cores first at Stratford £1.2m Value 24 Hour slip

Snow Hill Development For Kier Construction £1.2 Million Core for Steel Frame office 24 Hour slip

Woolwich Arsenal, Woolwich – Berkeley Homes – Commencing March 2014 2 Cores to 20 and 10 Storey Towers £1.5M value to Cores Day Shift slip

Slipform construction is a construction method for tall structures (such as bridges, towers, buildings, and dams) in which concrete is poured into a continuously moving form. The name refers to the way in which the concrete is poured: Concrete is continuously poured into a plywood form which rises in a continuous, slow movement. The concrete form is surrounded by a three-story-high platform on which workers stand, placing steel reinforcing rods into the concrete and ensuring a smooth pour. Together, the concrete form and working platform are called the "slipform," which is raised by means of hydraulic jacks. Generally, the slipform rises at a rate of between 2.5M – 3M which permits the concrete to harden by the time it emerges from the bottom of the form

A Balance between minimising costs while maximising construction methods, providing cost savings to the customer through time saving delivery

MPB’s directors are constantly investing and developing in technology to deliver faster safer construction methods.

Slipform systems enable MPB to apply this method to structures that vary in design and complexity, tapered profiles, openings, embedment’s and wall thickness reduction are all achievable.

Slipforming is a fast construction method for constructing Vertical structures achieving between 2.5M – 3M per day.

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