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MPB Structures Limited is a family owned private limited company specialising in earthworks, drainage,substructure, reinforced concrete works and civil engineering to the railway infrastructure. MPB Structures Limited are amongst the UK’s leading RC Sub and Superstructure Contractors. MPB Directors are fully committed to the management and the Implementation of safe working practices on site. Furthermore, MPB has established an enviable record for successfully undertaking the most com plex and demanding projects encompassing:

  • Reinforced Concrete Sub and Superstructure construction
  • Groundworks and Drainage
  • Bulk excavation and earthmoving
  • Complex logistics planning, management and implementation
  • Temporary works design
  • Deep reinforced concrete basements construction
  • Reinforced concrete core construction, utilising  MPB’s owned and maintained self-climbing formwork
  • Hybrid building structures, utilising a combination of insitu and, pre-cast concrete
  • Installation and construction of Post-tensioned concrete floors.

MPB has staked its reputation on achievement and this is reflected in the number of landmark buildings we have to our credit. They include high-rise developments such as the exclusive Hilton Hotel in Manchester, a defining milestone for the business, and the Beetham tower in Liverpool. Shopping Centres like Eagle Centre in Derby and more recently, the bridge and station reconstruction at Blackfriars station, London.

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