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MPB is committed to protecting the environment by complying with all relevant UK legislation, meeting national standards relating to the environment and in accordance with best working practices currently in use by the industry. This is an ongoing commitment that requires working procedures to be frequently reviewed and adapted to reflect the continual changes that are taking place in the industry to ensure the company is at the forefront of the changes with regards to environmental protection.

The company uses the word environment to cover both the natural environment and ecosystems as well as the built environment and the effect the company’s operations can have on peoples lives and heritage. As a major civil engineering company working on infrastructure schemes, this pledge to environmental protection is further extended to protect the health & safety of employees and the public in general so that the company’s impact on peoples environment is beneficial and not harmful.


To achieve these objectives the company will:-

  • Prevent pollution
  • Fully comply with current legislation, our own company operating procedures and/or clients’ operating procedures to ensure the highest standards are obtained. The company is not satisfied with merely satisfying minimum legal requirements but will be pro active with its clients in setting and achieving higher standards when practicable.
  • Ensure any subcontractors working under the company’s control also follow similar standards and attitudes.
  • Ensure company staff are aware of environmental issues and the procedures they must follow. This awareness training will be encouraged at all levels and in sub-contractors as well as our own.
  • Minimising the impact of the company’s activities by adopting best practices that are available at that time for their life cycle. This maxim will be applied to all aspects of the company’s activities including design, site operations, plant & transport selection and use, energy efficiency, re-use and recycling options, and waste minimisation.
  • Protect the environment where aspects of our work are environmentally significant


With regards to fixed location operations, the company will carry out an environmental impact assessment of the premises and activities and produce an action plan covering what changes can be made to reduce the effect.


With regards to site activities, environmental issues will be considered along with quality and health & safety issues at the planning stage and the environment impact assessment will be incorporated into the project Health, Safety & Environmental plan and agreed with the client before work commences.


The environmental performance of the company is to be monitored by Mr P Boyle and will be reviewed annually by the Head of HSEQ. Objectives will be set and the monitoring and review is to ensure the company is achieving these objectives, with a view to continual improvement in environmental performance. This review will also take into account changes in legislation, advances in technological knowledge and changes in industrial practice, and if required, the company's objectives will be re-set taking into account these changes.

The company is aware of ISO 14000 series and will adopt the philosophy detailed in these standards in its operations.





Signed: ……………………………………….. Date: 01st January 2012                                           


Mr Michael Boyle

Managing Director

MPB Structures Limited

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