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MPB Structures Limited is committed to continuous improvement in environmental and sustainable performance. We will therefore seek to procure timber only from independently certified and sustainable sources such as those certified under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

If we cannot secure timber from an FSC Certified or equivalent source, we will obtain it from other independent certification schemes or independently audited sources that can demonstrate legal supply from responsibly managed forests.


Implementing The Policy

To ensure the policy is implemented effectively, we will:


  • Incorporate its requirements in our company management system
  • Embed it into our supply chain
  • Communicate the policy to all our employees
  • Engage our customers in its implementation


The Head of HSEQ is responsible for ensuring that the requirements of this policy are incorporated in to the company system. Senior management is responsible for its implementation.


The policy will be reviewed annually and updated as necessary, to ensure it is consistent with developments in the sustainable sourcing and use of timber and wood based products.


Signed: ……………………………………….. Date: 01st January 2012


Mr Michael Boyle                                                                                                         

Managing Director

MPB Structures Ltd

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