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MPB Features in LNW

Posted 23/11/2012

MPB features in the latest edition of Network Rails LNW for the Bridge renewal at Wootton Wawen.

A bridge renewal costing £875,000 was recently undertaken at Wootton Wawen on the Birmingham to Stratfor-upon-Avon line. The bridge dates from 1908 and is a single span steel girder bridge with brick abutments and brick wing walls. It carries the twin track railway from/to Stratford-upon-Avon. It has been replaced by a U-shaped steel superstructure supported by concrete cill beams. The brickwork has been raked out and repaired/repointed as necessary while the vegetation either side of the structure has been cleared.

The bridge has been fitted with collision protection beams to minimise the impact of being struck by high sided vehicles. In essence, the beams sit proud of the bridge and absorb the impact of being struck. The headroom has also been increased by approximately 12".


What was involved in the bridge renewal?

  • Track taken up
  • Ballast removed
  • Old bridge removed
  • Abutments broken down to the required level
  • New concrete cill beams installed
  • New U-shaped decks slid into position
  • Waterproofing and track drainage installed
  • Ballast replaced
  • Track reinstated

Why was the bridge replaced?

The original bridge had reached the end of its viable life and was showing signs of a number of defects.

Ref: Network Rail LNW (London North Western) Issue 13

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