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On Track for the future

MPB have been successfully delivering rail projects across the UK for more than 20 years. When we commenced works on the Network Rail Managed Infrastructure our Link Up qualifications were commensurate with NWR requirements.   

In 2005 we attained pur Contractors Assurance Case (CAC) allowing us to work directly for Network Rail. This was converted in 2008 to a Principal Contractors Licence (PCL). Being a PCL holder requires us to be a Qualified Supplier under the Link Up scheme. MPB holds in excess of 100 specialist product groups allowing us to carry out a wide range of services from carpark construction to bridge demolition.

Our works undertaken on the Rail are innovative, flexible and efficient.  We work proudly to deliver best value to all involved.

We are customer focused and have built up a reputation producing high quality services, safely and efficiently

Our rail personnel have the technical and relationship skills to ensure the cost-effective and timely delivery of every project. Our team understands the latest rail industry technologies and is proven in the delivery of projects as well as critical works on live rail infrastructure.

Our Rail team commences every new project with an initial goal of gaining a deep understanding of each customer’s true drivers, risks and aims. Only through such an understanding is it considered possible to deliver an exceptional project that meets customer expectations, and anticipates future demands and community needs. MPB Rail works closely with customers through all phases of project development and delivery – from planning and designs through to construction and on-going maintenance. Each solution is tailored and inclusive of customer input to ensure effective risk management and achieve value-for-money expectations.

Our People

Our people are skilled and experienced in their professional disciplines. They are committed to working with customers and stakeholders to deliver innovative, sustainable, value-for-money solutions that meet or exceed measurable expectations. The greatest accolade our customers can give is through satisfaction surveys that consistently reveal that they like working with our team members. Lasting relationships are often formed that extend beyond the original scope into future projects.

Corporate support

As one of UK’s leading specialist construction companies, MPB prides itself on its capability and experience in delivering multi-disciplined projects, with a high number of large infrastructure and building works successfully delivered across the country. Drawing on the capabilities of our regionally-based Civil Engineering and Building businesses, and combining them with the specialised expertise of its rail businesses, MPB provides a ‘best for project, best for customer’ approach to and construction and project management

Adding value for all customers

We work closely with customers under a variety of procurement arrangements to truly understand their needs and goals, thereby delivering value-for money and addressing whole-of-life issues.

Our Aims

MPB is focussed on ensuring our project team have the culture, support and systems to develop and foster innovation and new technology to ensure continuous improvement in:

Innovation – in conjunction with project delivery team, design and safety professionals, the team develops alternative work methods, improves mechanisation, sponsors new technology and ensures knowledge management is used as an iterative tool and shared with all;

Design – working in collaboration with design consultants, the client and maintainers, the team develops innovative designs and construction methods;

Risk – working in collaboration with project team and customer, the team defines risk and opportunity at project inception and manages this through-out the development and delivery phases to optimise desired outcomes for all stakeholders.

This fresh approach to the delivery of railway infrastructure is unique to MPB Rail and its customers and stakeholders and is intended to improve the safety and sustainability of the railway industry.

MPB’s Five Project Delivery Principles

  • Safety First
  • Time
  • Cost
  • Quality
  • People


 Rail Construction and Upgrades

MPB Rail has significant experience in the construction and upgrading of the railway infrastructure, in challenging environments, throughout UK. Importantly, we do so safely, on time and without unplanned disruption to operations.


  • Providing construction methodologies and techniques as part of scheme development to ensure that the designs are practical, safe and economic.
  • Assisting designers and clients in selecting the most appropriate engineering solutions.
  • Producing detailed construction programmes for use in planning submissions, project costing, environmental assessments and procurement strategies.
  • Providing information to assess the environmental impact of the construction works including site layouts and requirements, detailed logistic strategies and studies, traffic impact and management, noise control and assessments.
  • Providing technical and expert support in planning submissions and enquires.

Optimising possession planning and constraints when working in a railway environment.

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