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Cooling The Tube - Green Park Station. Central London

London Underground has announced plans to lower the temperature on platforms at Green Park and Oxford Circus stations this summer thanks to the installation of new 'air handling' technology.

At Green Park station borehole cooling technology will be used. London Underground has already successfully drilled wells to source naturally cool water from deep below Green Park and will now install air cooling units that will use the water to cool the Victoria and Piccadilly line platforms.

The new units will use cool air provided by chiller units that will be installed on top of a building owned by Transport for London, which is adjacent to the station.

MPB has assisted Morgan Sindall to install the eight air cooling units at Green Park

Project Beck - Client: CBSO - Joint venture to upgrade all advertising within the London Underground infrastructure. Scope - MPB as principal contractor undertook works on 252 section 12 stations installing 400 media walls, 3 projectors per platinum stations (150no.) in addition to the installation of DEP screens on escalators throughout the LU Infrastructure.

LUPU contract - London Underground Power Upgrade - Client: Enterprise - MPB were contracted to construct 5 No. substations on the Metropolitan Line to enable power upgrade equipment to be installed.

Trans4m/Enterprise - MPB were contracted to undertake in excess of 10km of track drainage to the SSL (Sub Surface Lines) within the LUL infrastructure.  

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